Sunday, April 26, 2015

Delilah: The Making of Red (Nova #2.5) by Jessica Sorensen

Delilah: The Making of Red is a short story found in Taking Chances by Jessica Sorensen. This is the story of how Delilah met Dylan and the early part of their relationship. It takes place when Delilah is 16 (before she becomes friends with Nova.) 

Overall I thought it was worth the read if you are a fan of the Nova series. It’s not imperative that you read it in order to read the rest of the series but it provides some insight into Delilah and Dylan’s home life before the events of Breaking Nova. It is very short (took me about 30 minutes – with distractions - to read). 

DELILAH: The Making of Red

Delilah Peirce: the Invisible Girl. Men crane their necks around Delilah just to catch a glimpse of her bombshell mother. Delilah knows looks of indifference, of friendship-but never of desire.

Then she meets Dylan Sanderson, the impossibly gorgeous guy who thinks she's beautiful. When he looks at her, she feels needed. When he kisses her, her troubles disappear. And when he tells her he will never hurt her, she believes him . .

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