Friday, February 27, 2015

Slow Burn by K. Bromberg - #5 in the Driven Series Review

I read the first 3 books in the Driven series about a year ago and couldn’t get enough. Originally the series was recommended to me as a Fifty Shades of Grey substitute and it did not disappoint. When I heard that K Bromberg was going to release a companion novel featuring Rylee’s BFF Haddie (and Becks) I about jumped out of my seat. Becks and Haddie are just so different in personality I couldn’t see how that relationship could end well but K Bromberg took us on a dramatic ride that ended with a beautiful conclusion. 

Haddie and Becks are polar opposites right down to their nicknames (Country/City) but I guess opposites attract right? Haddie is constantly hot and cold towards Beckett throughout the book but with good reason. Haddie is still struggling with the recent death of her sister (Lexi) due to breast cancer and dealing with the emotionally rattled family Lexi left behind. Seeing how Lexi’s death affected her husband and daughter, Haddie has decided to close herself off to emotional relationships in order to spare anyone else pain. Once Becks realizes why Haddie is emotionally cut off the book he decides to fight for Haddie regardless of her looming cancer diagnosis.
This book takes the reader on an emotional journey but also has light-hearted sweet moments (pink flip flops!).

The only issue I had with Slow Burn was it seemed slow at times. There were a few chapters that I found to be unnecessary or could have been scaled down. Also, the internal dilemma going on in Haddie’s head was a little overdone. It seemed like each chapter we had to read about Haddie’s dilemma over and over again. After the first few chapters I found myself just wanting to scream “WE GET IT ALREADY, MOVE ON!”

On a scale of 1-5, I rate Slow Burn at a 3.5. I highly recommend it to fans of the Driven Series.

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