Friday, April 17, 2015

Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren

So I’m confused. What is the Beautiful Secret? What is that referring to? Nothing in this book seemed secret except for the fact that Ruby had a crush on Niall but that wasn’t really a secret so I guess I don’t get it and don't even get me started about the part of the blurb for this book that says "AN INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL IN THE MAKING." Are you kidding me? Where was the scandal in this book? Niall isn't Ruby's boss. Both of them are single. They don't even really try to hide their relationship because there isn't anything wrong with it. Nothing is remotely scandalous here.

Overall I thought this book was disappointing and very slow. Nothing interesting happens for the first 80% or so of the book. The first 80% of the book felt like it was Niall and Ruby having conversations that really never went anywhere and then some sexual scenes. Finally towards the end Ruby’s boss fires her (even though it’s been mentioned many times that her having a relationship with Niall is not against company policy) but nothing even really comes of that. Ruby just takes it and moves on. Nobody fights with Ruby’s boss or puts him in his place or anything. It just fizzles. Then Niall goes to dinner with his ex-wife, which I guess Ruby has the right to be upset about, but then she doesn’t talk to Niall for 2 months because she’s pissed he went to dinner with his ex-wife. Ugh.. so boring. 

Honestly I think the main reason I kept reading was to get glimpses of Max and Will (which there wasn’t much of after the first part of the book.) I had to strongly fight the urge to skip pages to see if anything interesting was going to happen. 

I think I’m done with this series now. I went back on Goodreads to see what I rated the other books in this series and my ratings of the others are subpar – 2.75 out of 5 average for the series and honestly that’s only so high because I did really like Will’s book and gave a decent rating to Max’s. 

This book desperately needed some drama or something to happen.


When Ruby Miller’s boss announces he’s sending her on an extended business trip to New York City, she’s shocked. As one of the best and brightest young engineers in London, she knows she’s professionally up to the task. The part that’s throwing her is where she’ll be spending a month up close and personal working alongside—and staying in a hotel with—Niall Stella, her firm’s top urban planning executive and The Hottest Man Alive. Despite her ongoing crush, Ruby is certain Niall barely knows she’s alive…until their flirty overnight flight makes him sit up and take notice.

Not one for letting loose and breaking rules, recently divorced Niall would describe himself as hopeless when it comes to women. But even he knows outgoing California-girl Ruby is a breath of fresh air. Once she makes it her mission to help the sexy Brit loosen his tie, there’s no turning back. Thousands of miles from London, it’s easy for the lovers to play pretend. But when the trip is over, will the relationship they’ve built up fall down?

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